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Who We Are

The Mandara Media Video Production team is passionate about helping our clients tell their story. We deliver impactful, aesthetic and strategic content that promote products and services to a targeted audience. What sets us apart from other production companies is our unique ability to capture the essence of who are clients are. It is not easy getting in front of a camera. And for those of you looking to try it out, we’ll support you and provide a caring, fun atmosphere to do it in! Together, we offer a high level of professionalism, attention to detail, an artistic eye, and solid technical know-how. Let us help you take that next step and upscale your brand.

Who Our Clients Are

We are looking to work with small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) who value quality, creativity, integrity and who are looking to connect with and better the community.

Why Branded Video?

Before you check out the services we offer below, it is important to understand why branded video is so essential for today’s marketing.

A video puts a face to a name. People want to buy from people they feel they know and can trust.

  • 90% of web consumers say a video helps them make a decision to buy
  • 65% of executives who watch work related videos visit the business website afterwards.
  • 64% of people who visit a business website are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a brand video.

Video is one of the highest shared pieces of content on social media and helps your audience become immersed in what it is your conveying about your brand. Your video can be used to introduce your product and services to newcomers, answer potential client questions or simply entertain and engage them. Video engages viewers for longer time periods on your site thereby increasing your SEO. Now that Google owns Youtube, algorithms favour video content. (Shears, “5 Important reasons your brand needs a video”,

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What Video Production Services We Offer

Professional Video Production

Professional Video Production

We will help you personalize and professionalize your website with branded video content to ensure you stand out from your competition. In today’s competitive market, it is vital to have solid professional videos that capture and enhance your unique brand.

Consultations & Studio Setup

Cinematic Video & 360 Degree Virtual Tours

Give yourself the Edge! Stunning video content sets you apart from your competition. We offer Cinematic Video Tours (with or without a host), 360 Degree Virtual Tours, Photography and Real Estate Agent Intros.

Due to Covid-19 the real estate and small business landscape has changed for the foreseeable future. Cinematic Video tours are a safe and exciting way for any client or potential buyer to view your properties online and in the comfort of their own home. For amazing value, demo your space or property with a 360 degree virtual tour!

Expert Tip: Our videographers use DSLR camera equipment to achieve the best results! Beware when comparing service providers that not all cinematic or virtual tours are created equal.

Video Production Packages

Professional Video Production Packages

When you are ready to level up, it is important to produce a constant stream of high quality professional weekly and monthly video content in order to keep your audience engaged. In this instance, at-home vlogs, cannot compete. We’ll help you create innovative professional videos along with a video marketing strategy for the months ahead, giving you the best rates and value.

Inquire about our Onyx, Green and Gold Package Rates or request our a la carte service menu Here.

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M-Power Lives Creative Edge Consulting Safe Care Home Support Personalized Dementia Solutions Inc. Adult Cognitive Wellness Centre

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