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Mandara Media is passionate about art, wellness, travel and everything transformational. We connect you to incredible wellness experts, artists and innovative entrepreneurs with empowering knowledge and spiritual insight to help guide you on your personal journey toward success. As your host, I want to motivate and inspire you to live your best life. I will mentor you with my own tips and tools for living an abundant life and together we will discover hidden potentials, ignite our creative fire and build a supportive online community of adventure seekers and growth junkies.

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Share Your Story

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The Mandara Media Channel is currently producing 2 interview/ documentary style web-series soon to be released.

Behind the Biz

Behind the Biz takes a closer look at the inspired lives and stories of local creatives and entrepreneurs - the people behind the businesses we know and love.

The Wellness Era

The Wellness Era reviews and highlights both traditional and out of the box holistic therapies and healing modalities as well as offers healthy lifestyle tips and tools.

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Hire us For Video Production!
Hire us For Video Production!

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